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oh hurricanes [24 Sep 2005|11:47am]
[ mood | blankity blanking blank ]

yah i havent updated in a while..

truth is, i started the whole myspace thing and am rather amused by it.

nothing much has happened.. but,
we got thurday friday and monday off of school, and the hurricane didnt come near corpus!!
i saw just like heaven last night and rather enjoyed it.
i actually spent two very bored hours playing disney monopoly w/ my lil sister on thurs
- twas VERY boring, yet slightly amusing
i'm getting addicted to myspace
- even though i had promised myself that i never would
i keep having dreams that i am getting married, proposed to, or i'm dying
i miss people
i've eaten pretty much nonstop, but have actually lost weight! =)
i need to study more medical terms..
i need to make my art magazine
i need to find that long lost romeo and juliet book and reread it.

that's pretty much all i have to say.

shot through the heart

From the day we arrive on the planet.. and blinking, step into the sun.. [17 Sep 2005|12:59am]
[ mood | quite loved indeed. ]

gosh i feel so loved today!

everyone is just sooo nice. i cant even handle it. and people dont even realize it, but the smallest thing that they say or do, can completely make my day. and i'm talking like little things, that would normally be overlooked. i dont know. i just feel loved right now. i love life.

topcats sooo got a standing ovation after we performed at the game tonight!!! that's pretty much a first! well as far back as i remember.. maybe father/daughter, but those are different. everyone said it looked good, that made me happy. we were all in good moods today too. like i think it was thursday, everyone was in a crappy exhausted mood. but happy we were today. we couldnt keep still at all, excess amount of energy. =)
mosquitos are EVERYWHERE! gr.

oh! and thanks scotty b, you're just awesome.. way to keep up the tradition! =)

you know the one thing that does suck? my math test that i took today.. calculus.. oh calculus. i studied soooo hard for it.. i better have gotten at least a b! my first test i got a 98 on (which was pure excitement cause i thought i had found something i was good at.. ) until the second test's grades came back and i got a friggin 77. =( hopefully i did better on this one though. tis reem's bday, happy birthday reem!! i love that girl.

tomorrow i have to wake up freakishly early, same as school really, to be at a chess meet at 7am. yay for hosa! my mom just informed me that we are not going to san antonio tom, but we'll just drive up to kerrville on sunday. i'm going to lutherstock.. is anybody else (chrysalis wise)?!? i sure hope so, i havent heard from any of my camp friends in awhile.. surely some will go though. =)

i'm soo happy with life.

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Hotter than the back seat of a black jeep on a back street... =) [16 Sep 2005|12:46am]
[ mood | loved/ecstatic/overlyhappy=) ]

i'm soo excited!

yah so guess what? i got chosen for the topcat sweetheart for homecoming!! seriously, like what are the chances in that?!? there's like a total of 80 of us.. i'm amazed. =) and so incredibly happy cause i feel so loved! =) =) =)

only problem is i dont know who i'm choosing as my escort.. i have a random idea though, haha. =)
we'll see.

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It looks as though, your letting go.. and if it's true than i dont want to know.. [10 Sep 2005|06:10pm]
[ mood | kinda lonely. ]

so yah. i told my parents about my car. actually my dad's truck was worse than mine.. (sidenote for the clueless, iwas the idiot who backed into my dad's truck yesterday morning). it was weird cause i didnt think my dad's truck was damaged at all, i didnt see anything at first and i thought his huge grill thing had protected it.. but nope. it dented his instead. mine just got a black scratch (about the size of my hand) and kinda badly chipped on the other side.. yikes. but i love my dad. i mean he was mad, but he fixed his truck, very angryishly i might add, all day yesterday.. and then my car today. i wasnt accelerating when i was backing up so it could have been a whole lot worse. but it was a huge jolt, like all my cds went flying in my face and i like banged against the steering wheel. it sucked. badly.

now you're all wondering how do you just back into a huge truck right? well i honestly dont have any excuses.. i mean a lotta little things added up, but it was just me being stupid mainly.
however there was the fact that
- my dad leaves at 6 every morning, but he doesnt work on fridays.. (so he's usually not there)
- i was running late
- i was obnoxiously stressed out
- and you cant see through ANY of my windows in the morning caused they're all foggedlike.

but still the 25 seconds it would have taken to wipe off my windows and try to unstress myself would have saved a whooole lot of trouble. i'm just so stupid sometimes. but, hey.. at least im aware of it.

anywho, we completely won the game against waco last night. i already forgot the score.. like 35 to somethingteen. danaher's 300th win. yay for that, twas exciting. went to dennys after. per usual.

oh and guess what? i'm stupid again. i woke up all early, (haha. 10:30am) anywho, i woke up thinking that i had to work a chess meet today at the high school (for hosa).. but that's definitely NEXT weekend. why am i so stupid lately? oh and guess what else stupid-me did? i left the gas stove burner on, after making my cream of wheat, thursday morning.. i'm lucky i still have a house and a car. gosh im gonna die in the real world. when did i get so careless? i mean.. it's not that i'm careless, i just have my mind in sooo many different places that i cant stick to basic things, like making sure there isnt a truck behind you.. or turning off a freaking gas stove burner!!? gosh. i suck at life. and now my parents just have more evidence.

i wanna paint. right now i do. but i just cant cause all my paints and brushes are at the school and sandoval always leaves the door locked.. gr to that. i could just go buy more. but that would be stupid and pricey. i do need new brushes though. but all five primary colors in acrylics?? expensive, yes. so no. i shall not paint. suppose that's just part of my punishment for being so stupid. haha.

i am trying though. i signed up for hosa on like weds. and through that i signed up for a hosa tournament contesty thing which is some big hosa-like deal where they can only take one person from each catagory per school. so i signed up for medical terminology. i was gonna be in the class, but i would have to take away one of my arts, and honestly.. those are what keep me sane so that just wouldnt be a smart move. but now, ms elliot is like giving me the course on my own kinda, not as like a grade or a class, but as like a prep for this contest. you see we compete against big med-like schools that focus strictly on medical fields.. like medhigh from the valley. so that's a lot of extra work on my part. but i dont mind.. i find it strangely interesting, and it makes me want to be a pharmacist even more! and it'll also help in the longrun me being familiar w/ terms and whatnot.

well that's all i have to say.. i watched napoleon on hbo today, so as kip might add...
peathout. =)

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When i'm sorry just aint enough.. [08 Sep 2005|11:33pm]
[ mood | tired as ever!! (at 11pm?) ]


p.s. sucks to govt. govt and bio lab notebooks.

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This city's made us crazy and we must get out.. [07 Sep 2005|02:27pm]
[ mood | a bit accomplished, yes. ]

oh my. it's official. i've lost 10 whole pounds in like 2 weeks!
must celebrate with creamy creations choc chip icecream!!! =)

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Sunrise, sunrise.. looks like morning in your eyes.. [07 Sep 2005|06:43am]
[ mood | pretty much awake. ]

well it's about 6:44am. i'm pretty much wideawake.

my mouth is in the WORST pain ever.
i had to take a codine yesterday, that stuff is hardcore.
i dread attempting to eat. ouch.

i have absolutely nothing to do. well unless you count beowolf study questions as something to do. i havent done any, maybe i'll do a few throughout the day. i hate being in soo much pain. sometimes i can take it well, but then again, there are many times where i just cant. goodnews: i weigh the least i weighed in like 2 years right now. i was excited. and for the most part i'm being completely healthy this time. i'm not even "dieting". that word is just way overused sometimes. the sun rises at 7:11am. i'm gonna go do something with my hair, and if i finish in good timing, maybe i'll even watch that sun rise from the east. random fact, from 9pm-11pm if you look up at the sky you'll see the moon, then venus, then jupiter all aligned. or was it jupiter then venus? crap, i dont remember. that's what i get for trying to think this early. anywho, that's all i really have to say right now.

shot through the heart

Lying under this spell your cast on me.. [04 Sep 2005|08:34pm]
[ mood | quite accomplished. ]

loriism #3: NEVER try and argue with your extremely republican father pro gay rights. He might seriously just put you up for adoption in disgust of your own beliefs.

stubborn ignorance. it kills me.

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She was knockin' me out w/ those american theighs.. [30 Aug 2005|07:36pm]
[ mood | concerned... ]

okay guys. i have a problem. a serious one at that.

i CANT stop eating smores lowfat granola chewy bars!! IT'S AN ADDICTION!

i cant even count how many i've eaten today.. but i'd say at least 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8ish? 8! maybe more, that is unneccessary! goodness lori. lets all just refer to ourselves in third person. ha.

today was normal. school. omg, art was bad.. i'm redoing what i did today tomorrow. hardcore i am. oh tis bad bad bad! after school, i got like deadly tired and slept till 4, but then i had to go to practice. boo. (you whore.- i couldnt resist) practice wasnt too bad. very reminiscelike cause at the end we had random extra time and we just went through like almost every competition routine since freshman year. i enjoyed it.

then i went to al's to see her four ( i love that number!) new kittens as of this morning! they're darling, anyone want one?!

i randomly saw ase driving. i always see him driving.

then i went to heb, and i saw scott! he checked me out. haha, at the register (that was not intended to sound like that).

and oh my goodness! the creepiest thing happened in english today!!!
so we were all just discussing the awakening and someone, or something?, started to mess w/ the doorknob. like they kept trying to open it but it was locked. so stephen went to answer, saw through the window noone, and quickly opened the door to find an empty hall! creepy? i think so!

yah, that's about all for now.. i love granola bars. peace.

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She's got me rollin in dirt in a white tshirt.. [29 Aug 2005|02:58pm]
[ mood | unusally awake forafter school ]

random quote of the day..

When we have a great feeling of doing something in our heart, we don't
ask questions, we just do it whatever it may be, the outcome is usaully
good. Thus, if we think something positive of someone, dont think just
tell them the compliment, who knows it could even make their day!
~The jazzkatt

that is all really.

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Stay up too late, and i'm too thin.. we promised eachother it's till the end.. [28 Aug 2005|03:15pm]
[ mood | feelin hot hot hot.. ]

good news: the topcat barbque is over, twas a success as well!
sad news: twas my very last year though.. weird.
bad news: i am seriously burning up hot! such a friggin hot day...

i was working tickets and there was like an hour where we were backed up all the way to 624 and the bank.. with two lanes and MILLIONS of cars.. oh gosh it was ludacris.. and overwhelming..
scotty b- you witnessed a bit of it.

yah so last night i went w/ sita, adrien, and steph to go watch redeye. twas alright of a movie.. a bit stressful at times. and oh my gosh! it ended with the LAMEST line ever!!! i nearly died it twas soooooooooo LLAAAMMEE!! yah go and watch it, but you'll be mad at the lameness of the last line of the movie.


anywho. now i'm just gonna go shower, cause goodness i need to (shame cause i just took one this morning) after that i'll just do calculus and other crappy homework assignments that are in my opinion just unneccessary to life. then, i might be cool and actually do something.

so hasta luego.

shot through the heart

POUR SOME SUGA ON ME, IN THE NAME OF LOVE! [26 Aug 2005|01:45pm]
[ mood | ever so excited! ]

yay today is such a FRIDAY! the first football game as well!
sidenote: sorry it's been like decades since i updated..

anywho, i had a rather excellent day today. yesterday i was sick, and it was just gross. but i actually took my mom's advice and went to bed a 10:30 w/ a nyquil (even though i've been nyquil'n all week long) and guess what? it completely worked! i havent gone to bed before midnight in a REALLY long time! i woke up this morning and i didnt feel gross and tired, but refreshed rather.. it was a wonderful feeling, until i felt the sickness. but i took a dayquil and it's been pretty good since then.
0 period- james' essay wasnt bad at all.. i think i did alright
1 and 2- art was well art. though manda was absent (sick girl) it was amusing as ever.. def leppard was so on!
3- calculus was pretty understandable today. julie's stories just kill me! haha, i love her. "how many hands are you grammy?" hahahaha.
4- bio was boring today. no manda. caren was testing. i had sita, but we just read notes the whole time
lunch- sita amused me some more
5- english wasnt bad, we just "researched" in the library the whole time. i love those days! =)

so yah, here i am.. it is 1:52pm and i have to be back at the school around 2:55-3ish for the peprally. only i'm not performing due to my missing camp and theres a lot of partner work, so i would make it an odd number, and it would have just been too much trouble changing formations. oh well. less stress for me!!! =) i hope the girls do good though, i'm excited for them cause it's a fun routine. tonight we're playing ray there, i hope we do good!!! i dont know what our teams like this year, but i havent heard anything bad yet. well i'm off to go and chill around the house till the peprally.. peaceout.

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I'm standing here until you make me move.. [18 Aug 2005|06:30pm]
[ mood | getting less dizzy. ]

today was very ehish. i dont really remember much of it. i do, but very vaguely. good news is, they let me give blood today! i was soo excited.. cause i had gone to europe and have heart problems, and i thought that would have done it there, but they let me.. AND my iron level was 13!! (the lowest exception was 12.5) so yay. i was pretty fine afterwords, finished in time for mid 2nd period. it was towards the end of 2nd when i was just like whoa. then i took that calculus test 3rd period and that's when i got really really dizzy. gosh i barely remember taking it. and then bio? did it happen? i was pretty out of it. luckily sita was in a motherly mood and seriously forced food in my mouth at lunch, twas nice of her. it was weird, cause i was like hungry, but eating was the absolute last thing i felt like doing. i'm glad she made me eat though, cause i would have like passed out driving otherwords. well hopefully not, but you never know.
so then i came home and just collapsed on the couch after 5th. i woke up to my mom frantically shaking me yelling "lori you have to be at prac in three minutes!" oh i had the worst headache ever, but i ran to my room and changed, sped to the school, and was like 5 minutes late. =( i dont know if i got demerets, probably so though. oh well.
then at prac, there were like 2 or 3 of us who had donated and were just like whoa. it was weird, cause our hearts were beating EXTREMELY fast.
anywho, that's enough dizzy crap for today, it's almost 7 and i feel better..
now i just have to create my govt cartoon and whatnot.. fun fun fun. peace.

p.s. i built the BEST cake ever! =)

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It's a supernatural delight, everybody was dancin in the moonlight.. [16 Aug 2005|11:03pm]
[ mood | sleepy, yet awake. ]

let's see today i..
+ had a good day at school
+ made a 100 on my govt quiz, =)
+ practice was canceled
- got my physical, but it took like 2 hours.
- made spaghetti, bestest food ever, for dinner
- got told by like 80 million different people that my voice is getting really low like jess'
- watched a 2 hour movie for my lame food handlers.
+ finished all my homework at dennys (well pretty much)
+ had like 15 cappacinos
+ saw dennys friends that i havent seen in a LONG time

well jess is on the rode right now, has been since around 7 or 8 this morning. she's not coming home for thanksgiving so this morning was like my last time to see her till i guess christmas. but that has its advantages ya know.. such as, since she's my size now, she cant go through and steal all the clothes outa my closet. but w/ my luck, she probably grabbed a lot of my stuff after i left for 0 period. lame of her. i know she did. she took my brown shoes!! and her chi straightner. i LOVED that thing.. along w/ her biosilk hair crap.. man she had some awesome stuff. oh well. tis all i have to say for now. maybe i'll go to bed before midnight! that would be just completely unlike me. i would get so much sleep though, how lovely.. i think i'll try for it. hasta!

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Are you the now or never type? [15 Aug 2005|01:38am]
[ mood | awakened.. lamely enough. ]

so i learned(/was brought to realize) A LOT tonight (in a deepish way).

and, being that i'm truly exhausted and that it only really concerns me in the first place.. that's all that i'm going to say on that. goodnight.

shot through the heart

And he's holding her in his arms late late at night.. you know i wish that i had JESSIES GIRL! =) [14 Aug 2005|09:18pm]
[ mood | pretty much an amazing mood. ]

what a completely AWESOME weekend! twas pretty much the best ever. seriously.

now for calculus and government. i dont even care though, i'll do all my homework, i'm in such a good mood.

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Love aint what this song's about.. candlelight and what i'm in the mood for now.. [13 Aug 2005|02:15am]
[ mood | exhausted in every aspect. ]

i just got home from the roger creager concert w/ my girls, bryano, jim, and his lil sis kathleen! twas sooooooo much fun!! we met these guys, and they were cool. i even danced a lot. i love dancing, especially to country music.. especially when it's roger creager singing live!! oh goodness, twas good times.
yah so i'm officially deaf now. i seriously only hear like ringing in my ears.. i cant hear anything else, at all. and i lost my voice. dude, that completely makes me a deaf/mute! hm. i love country concerts. concerts in general really. except when creepy guys wont leave me alone.. but thank goodness i'll never see them again cause they arent from corpus! so it works in the end. i'm kinda hungry. i ate la hacienda w/ the girls around 7ish and it twas good. i saw ase's brother andrew there! he's cool.
school is going alright. i mean it would be good if they didnt screw up our lunch! i dont even want to talk about who i sat by today. haha. oh well. life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone. i'm gonna go take a few tylenol now.. serious killer headache!

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Now, usually i don't do this but uh... gone ahead and break em' off wit a lil preview of the remix [12 Aug 2005|12:08am]
[ mood | extremely annoyed ]

today was the first day of school. i woke up around 5:55am. damn early for me. but tworked out pretty well, i like it so far. sucks about the die shirts, but i didnt think the administration would like them much. the girls and i had our senorita mas fina shirts on so it was all good! gosh, it was like a perfect day...
.. stupid 4th period. i'm so mad. all 6 of us had lunch together, and we were all so happy and excited cause it was like our last year! and guess what? effin fourth period says if you're in mrs presleys class, then you are switched to B lunch!! i'm soo mad! now we are all seperated.. i'll barely even get to see meagan the whole day, and caren wont even stay for lunch cause she leaves right after fourth. ugh! and like all of us have 0 period so we are STARVING by A lunch, and now it's B. and i also leave after 5th so it'd be pointless to eat, go to one class, and leave. =( grr!!! and it's also like extremely crowded in B lunch, they wont even have room for us from what i heard! and in A lunch we had a whole table to ourselves!! it was sooo wonderful.. but OBVIOUSLY too good to last. =( i'm soo mad. we all are. we're gonna go talk to the office about it after school tomorrow. cause the only reason they switched us is because they thought the hallway would be too loud for like 2 whole minutes. GR! every f'n hallway is gonna be loud between lunches.. that's just the way it is!

yah, it sucks.

poor sita lost her phone at sonic tonight, i just drove over there to see if it might still be there, and no luck.. =( my poor girl.

other than that, all my classes were good. i love having two arts, and i even did my calc homework tonight! i was proud. i just printed out my summer english projects.. tis so final! scary. i hope i did alright on them. you never know. i should read some sparknotes on the cry, the beloved country book tonight.. i have a test over it tomorrow, and it's been like a month since i read the book. yah, i should definitely do that. it's like 12:25, and i havent even showered and i gotta wake up at 6.. so yah, i'm out. peace.

shot through the heart

It's all about the wordplay.. [10 Aug 2005|09:27pm]
[ mood | kinda energetic. ]

i've got lots of random things to do so this is gonna be a quick entry.
-jess came home last night from virginia.
-i pulled an all nighter (well stayed up till 7)
-went shopping today w/ jess, kay, and mom
-bought a pretty black shirt =)
-got my senior shirt from mandas and delivered sita hers.
-drank a chocolate shake from chilis. yum.
-i made a myspace last night, but it's crappy as hell.
-and i must be going now..

gotta feed max, shower, work on projects that are pretty much finished =), make a few calls, redo my nails, and get some sleep cause i'm lame enough to have 0 period! that, and i didnt really sleep last night much..

ahhh it's the LAST summer night!! CRAZY!

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And i wont call ya baby anymore, wont call you baby like i did before.. [07 Aug 2005|09:22pm]
[ mood | reminiscing... ]

loriism 2: when your 2nd grade teacher asks for a raise of hands to who recycles, and then asks why you're the only one who didnt raise your hand.. do not respond "well my parents dont believe in it, you see they're lutheran" and expect to forget about saying that 10 years later.
also.. do not ask (while we're on the subject of 2nd grade) the teacher for the defination of homosexual. you will not get the lollipop that SOMEONE promised you w/ the dare, and you will certainly not forget about it 10 years later. AND she'll just define it as "ASK YOUR MOTHER!"

that is all.

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